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Green Moves became a certified B Corporation as one of the founding members in Australia. Since December 2015, we’ve consistently been a part of an international community focused on using business as a force for good.

This means we’re continually working on being the best we can be, and hope that by demonstrating good practices, others will follow.

Harnessing the power of business to solve social and environmental issues

Certified Benefit  Corporations, or B Corps, are leading the way in a better economic system where businesses benefit people, communities and the planet.

By choosing long-term investments over quick wins, B Corps gauge our success by the positive impact we generate across five areas. These areas are our staff, our customers, governance, the environment and our community. 

Essentially, it’s a movement distinguishing businesses that voluntarily meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Why choose to certify

Be a part of something bigger

B Corps want to be a part of a movement that’s bigger than ourselves, setting a challenge to do better and to be the change in the world we want to see.

It makes great business sense

B Corp certification helps companies stand out from pretenders. 

It also 

generates press
benchmarks performance
saves money
access services
attract investors
partner with peers
attract and engage talent
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How to get B Corp certified

B Corps are certified by B Lab, a not-for-profit organisation that sets requirements across three areas for your business to become a certified B Corp.
Complete the B Impact Assessment and earn a reviewed minimum score of 80 out of 200 points.
Adopt the B Corporation Legal Framework to bake the mission of the company into its legal DNA. This allows the company’s values to thrive under new management, new investors and new ownership.
Sign a Term sheet and Declaration of Interdependence to make the certification official.

Get help and guidance

As a certified B Corporation and certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral company, we’re fully committed to helping you on your sustainability journey. We understand the challenges of becoming sustainable while maintaining financial common sense and can help guide you through certification.

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Green Moves x BCorp Best for the World 2021
Green Moves x BCorp Best for the world 2018

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Recognition from our community

The Green Moves team have been a pleasure to work with. When we decided to become a carbon-neutral organisation we didn’t know how to start or where to go. Green Moves was referred to us and we couldn’t be happier. We are now certified carbon neutral with Climate Active. 

A big thanks to Danie and the team for all their help.

Angus Wilson

It has been a pleasure working with Danielle King, Managing Director & Senior Sustainability Consultant of Green Moves.  Danielle has been our guide through our carbon-neutral journey.

Danielle has worked with us since our journey commenced, setting the bar for firms nationwide, in establishing ourselves as carbon neutral certified and as positive, proactive pioneers in the process.

Melbourne, VIC

Navigating carbon neutrality for a business can be a challenge, but 

thanks to the guidance and support of Green Moves, we are on track with our sustainability journey.

Colette Dunn

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