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Green Moves Founder and Director, Danielle King is a trusted industry expert in sustainable building and energy efficiency. Since 2009, you’ll find Danielle in the media speaking and presenting on matters relating to energy efficiency and sustainability. She has been featured as a speaker in events, podcasts, on radio, TV and video, as well as in a range of publications.

As a trained educator, Danielle is keen to spread the word, educating those interested in resource and energy efficiency, sustainable building and climate reality topics.

If you’re seeking independent reliable media comment, contact Danielle to discuss, promote or educate on sustainability matters.


Book us as a speaker and presenter for your next event

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Adept at providing engaging, entertaining and interesting content that both informs and educates your audience, Danielle is an experienced and seasoned speaker and presenter. She has been engaged to speak at a variety of industry seminars, expos and community events.

If you’re planning to run an educational seminar, workshop or something special for your next event, contact Green Moves to discuss your requirements. We can create a session focused on your specific goals.

Some events we were recently invited to by

Bayside City Council
  • March 2023: Bayside Home Energy Efficiency Expo organised by Bayside City Council in partnership with Zoe Daniels MP. We presented on stage and participated in sessions sharing information with over 500 locals wanting to learn about sustainability topics including climate action, reducing energy bills, getting off gas, solar and batteries and electric vehicles
  • November 2022: Ran a webinar on Cool homes for summer
  • August 2022: Presented to the community on Net Zero Homes
  • September 2020: Presented ‘How to read your energy bills’
  • February 2023: Presented at Village Zero’s launch event, aimed at helping local Sandringham businesses and households reduce emissions, go all-electric or solar and support the local community battery
  • April 2023: Presented to a local satellite group on ‘Getting off gas and saving money’
  • March 2023: Participated on a discussion panel with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Sustainable Australia Fund and local businesses on current trends and challenges, and how to overcome them.
Mornington City Council
  • April/May 2023: We trained some local ‘energy hero’ volunteers in home energy efficiency so they can help locals in their area, in a series of 2 x 3-hour workshops and a 2-hour webinar
  • August 2023 – Presented a 1.5 hour webinar on ‘How to create a healthy home’


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Listen to the latest podcasts with Danielle King featured as a sustainability expert. Invite Danielle as a guest on your podcast.

Join comedian Nazeem Hussain and hear what Danielle has to say about getting your energy bills out of the red and into the green.

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In this podcast, Danielle shared secrets to running a successful sustainable consultancy. Please note this podcast is no longer available online.

Listen to the interview with host Eric Dye and guest Danielle King discussing how and why businesses can become more sustainable, the barriers and the roles ‘green buildings’ have to play.

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Invite Danielle as a guest on your podcast

Television & video

Catch us on TV

Danielle King and Green Moves were recently on Channel 9 News in a segment about how Victorians can cut down their energy bills as the cost of living continues to rise.

Green Moves on video

Green Moves is passionate about educating and encouraging sustainable practices. Contact us to review and provide expert comment on articles and soundbites for TV or video media.

We’ve been featured in clips discussing Energy Efficient Strata Buildings and Australia’s Best Houses. Take a look!


Feature us on your radio show

If you’re looking for a sustainability expert to interview or share insights on residential and commercial energy efficiency, Green Moves can provide expert comment and insights.

Some of our radio interviews include 

ABC with Liisa Pellegrino on energy efficiency at home
8 July 2017

ABC’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Show with Hilary Harper discussing Sustainable Apartments followed by Q&A with callers
20 May 2017

Journalist & media comment

Find us in the media

Green Moves and Danielle King have provided comments for a range of reputable media outlets including a variety of publications. We’ve written numerous sustainability articles over the years. Here are some of the publications in which you’ll find us featured

The Age
Leader Newspapers
Sanctuary Magazine
Sanctuary Magazine
ReNew Magazine
ReNew Magazine
Better Home & Gardens Magazine
Better Home & Gardens Magazine

If you’re looking for sustainability experts to review or comment on media articles relating to energy efficiency and sustainability, Green Moves can help.

Smart Living Handbook

The Smart Living Handbook

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Green Moves Founder, Danielle King, co-authored The Smart Living Handbook: Creating a healthy home in an increasingly toxic world. You’ll discover how to create a beautiful home for your family that’s functional, energy-efficient and supports good health. Great if you’re renovating or building, a parent or expecting a baby, suffering from asthma, allergies or poor health, and wanting to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Danielle King and the Green Moves team can provide a knowledgeable and engaging speaker for your event. Feature us as an expert guest on your podcast, or a sustainability expert to appear on your TV show, video or radio program.

If you’re a journalist or member of the media seeking a sustainability expert, we can provide comments on your news story or current event.

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