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Sustainability solutions for the Commonwealth
Government of Australia

Sustainability is a key priority for the Australian Commonwealth
Government as we face issues such as extreme weather events, marine heatwaves, and an increasing number of threatened species.

There are calls for greater national leadership, more effort and collaboration from the Commonwealth Government. The Commonwealth Government needs new and improved approaches to managing the environment, mitigating climate change and adapting to the new climate landscape.

Green Moves has been working with government organisations including the Commonwealth Government, for over 15 years. We provide a range of sustainability solutions designed specifically to assist the Commonwealth government with these challenges.

Expert sustainability services for the Commonwealth Government

We help government agencies develop and implement effective sustainability policies and programs. As experts in energy efficiency, waste reduction and water conservation, we provide advice and solutions which are tailored. This ensures that the policies and programs are effective, efficient and financially viable.

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Get expert advice and guidance on sustainability issues. We can work with you to develop sustainability strategies, assess environmental impacts and identify opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to help government bodies achieve their sustainability objectives and targets.

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Stay informed and engaged in industry discussions and decision-making processes. We can represent the assessors, residential, and business sectors on industry panels and other forums, making sure that their interests are represented.

We currently serve on the Residential Energy Efficiency Disclosure Initiative (REEDI) Governance Forum as part of the Energy Division of the Commonwealth Government.

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Why government organisations choose to work with us

As a leading sustainability consulting company, our knowledgeable team are fully qualified and accredited sustainability assessors, Climate Active registered consultants and qualified educators in the field.

Since 2009, we’ve been working with government organisations providing sustainability solutions and services. Our director actively participates on industry advisory boards and has worked with a range of government programs to assist in creating efficient sustainable outcomes.

We have tailored services for government organisations that have helped deliver environmental, economic and social benefits. Completely independent, Green Moves provides practical reports and advice that is easy to understand.

We’ve been described as professional, easy to work with and flexible. Take a look at our client testimonials. Referees from government organisations can also be provided on request.

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Since 2009, we’ve been working with government organisations, businesses and householders helping them reduce their carbon footprint. We provide a wide range of sustainability services, or you can get a solution tailored to your needs.

We believe that sustainable government is essential for creating a better world environmentally, socially and economically. That’s why we’re committed to using our knowledge, experience and expertise, to work with government organisations, helping them achieve their environmental targets and objectives.

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