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Ensuring we consistently reduce our environmental footprint

Green Moves reducing emissions
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At Green Moves, we’re actively working towards leading our industry in reducing the impact of our activities on the environment – and we’re encouraging others to do the same. Our policies guide how we curate and select our products, services and activities, helping us work towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.
We’ve developed policies around
These policies help us meet our objectives of being an environmentally responsible business, working consistently across our teams, suppliers, and customers to continually reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Energy Management Policy

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How we minimise our energy usage

  • Measuring and monitoring our usage annually
  • Identifying opportunities and implementing strategies for reducing energy usage
  • Only purchasing highly energy-efficient appliances
  • Educating others about energy reduction strategies
  • Installing solar PV on our roof and utilising 100% Green Power from our provider for energy not covered by the onsite solar
  • Continuing to monitor energy reduction and renewable energy technologies and applying them where appropriate

Water Management Policy

Strategies for using water responsibly

  • Measuring and monitoring our water usage annually
  • Identifying opportunities and implementing strategies for reducing water usage
  • Capturing, reusing and recycling water wherever possible
  • Only purchasing highly water-efficient appliances (all our tapware and water appliances are highly water efficient)
  • Minimising toxic cleaning chemicals into the water discharge systems
  • Educating others on water reduction strategies and improving water usage

Waste Management Policy


How we proactively minimise waste

  • Measuring and monitoring our waste annually
  • Minimising the creation of waste by minimising the purchase of items with packaging
  • Identifying, monitoring and implementing waste reduction strategies
  • Recycling or reusing items wherever possible
  • Recycling all e-waste responsibly through appropriate venues
  • Disposing of any chemical waste responsibly at appropriate venues
  • Processing all organic waste through our green waste collection
  • Consciously reducing waste to landfill as much as possible
  • Educating and encouraging others to become engaged in waste-reduction strategies

Purchasing Policy

Supporting environmentally responsible products and services

At Green Moves, we’re aware of the influence we have on our own organisation as well as on consumers when it comes to product choices and supply chain impacts. Our Purchasing Policy aims to manage the purchase of products and services in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. It also aims to actively encourage support of suppliers, products and services that exercise environmentally sustainable practices.

How we show our support

  • Selecting products with the highest energy and/or water efficiency ratings
  • Aiming to source at least 80% of the products we use in our operations from environmentally responsible organisations
  • Preferencing the use of products that are independently certified through either Good Environmental Choice Awards (GECA) or Eco Specifier, or that are certified Carbon Neutral
  • Creating and applying an environmental, sustainable practices self-assessment for our suppliers where appropriate
  • Educating our team, suppliers and customers on sustainable purchasing strategies
  • Continue to monitor best practices in sustainable products and services and keep up to date with environmental management initiatives for the supply chain

Sustainable Transport Policy

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How we minimise our emissions

  • Transitioned from a hybrid vehicle to a 100% electric vehicle (end 2022) to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and vehicle emissions for travel to sites
  • Regularly monitoring and minimising any high emissions transport (eg. fossil fuel vehicles, air travel)
  • Maximising the use of available public transport options
  • Encouraging the use of walking, bikes and other forms of low/no emissions transport wherever practical
  • Using web-based conferencing and meeting strategies to reduce transport requirements
  • Leading by example and encouraging others to consider their options more regularly

Charitable Giving Policy

How we support our local communities

Green Moves is actively engaged in the communities in which we live and work, providing local employment opportunities and supporting a variety of local community initiatives.

Our charitable donations and community initiatives help local projects that seek to make the world safer, healthier, more sustainable and more productive. Green Moves’ budget and resources for donations are limited, however, we regularly seek to assist by contributing our services that can make a positive impact in the local community and the sectors we operate in.

Over the years, we’ve supported the following organisations by regularly donating funds – Greenpeace, Australian Conservation Foundation, and World Wildlife Foundation.

Corporate charitable donations and services in kind

Green Moves’ focuses on small charitable organisations and on the local community groups that would benefit from our advice and guidance. We consider applications from charities and non-profit organisations that demonstrate how a donation will enhance the well-being of people through improved education, health or environment. The organisation doesn’t need to be a registered charity but it should be charitable or must be working in

  • Sustainability
  • Education and wellbeing
  • Environmental protection
  • Climate change awareness and action
  • Expansion of renewable energy
Householders and community groups

We also consider services in kind for householders and community groups that would not otherwise have expertise available, or affordable, for making their buildings more sustainable and resource-efficient.

We will not support or fund:

  • Any activity that supports fossil fuel use or promotion
  • Any activity that could potentially harm the environment, animals or humans
  • Political organisations and campaigns
Tread lightly with Green Moves

Green Moves recognises the role we play in encouraging sustainability by actively implementing and applying our Environmental Sustainability Policies. We aim to consistently use our knowledge, expertise, experience and services to assist others in reducing their carbon footprint.

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What our clients say about us

Green Moves Australia are great to work with, very professional and personable staff who go above and beyond to deliver excellent service to clients. We have had a great experience working with Green Moves and Danie has been so helpful right through from beginning to end including, scoping, auditing, reporting and ongoing monitoring. Danie also provides invaluable advice and expertise on a range of sustainability queries.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership into the future

Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management

I was initially highly recommended Danielle and Green Moves from a personal friend of mine who had recently worked with her. At that point I was told nothing but praise and happy to report the same.

From the outset, she took the time to thoroughly explain the requirements of the Climate Active program and guided me through each step of the application process. Her attention to detail and ability to answer all of my questions with ease gave me the confidence I needed to proceed with the process.

Throughout the process, she demonstrated a level of professionalism and efficiency that was truly appreciated. She took care of all the time-consuming and difficult tasks, leaving me free to focus on my day-to-day responsibilities. Her ability to work autonomously and keep me informed of progress along the way was a true testament to her commitment to excellence. Her expertise and dedication to making the process as seamless as possible made all the difference.

Overall, I can confidently say that Danielle made the normally time-consuming and difficult process of submitting a Climate Active application easy and stress-free. Her knowledge, expertise, and dedication to making the process as smooth as possible were truly invaluable. 

I would not hesitate to work with her again in the future!

Lucas Ciancarelli

Danielle was excellent, very knowledgeable and practical. We especially appreciated her suggestions as they were prioritised and took into account the energy savings versus the money spent to upgrade or improve. Highly recommend this service.
Danielle helped us to decide where to spend our money to improve our home energy usage.

Cristin B

Oakleigh, VIC

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