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National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) measures the environmental performance of Australian buildings and tenancies. Approximately 78% of office space in Australia is currently NABERS-rated.

As a building owner or tenant, this rating shows how well a building is performing environmentally. It provides a one to six-star rating for building efficiency across energy, water, waste and the indoor environment. This provides a benchmark against other similar buildings showing how it compares and helps to measure progress.

NABERS ratings are a legal requirement for certain buildings and provide many benefits including reduced operating costs and longer-term tenants. At Green Moves, we have accredited NABERS assessors who can assist you with getting your building assessed and rated.

Do I need to get a NABERS rating for my building?

You’re legally required to get a NABERS assessment and rating if you own or manage a commercial building that is a space within office buildings of 1000 square metres or more.

It’s mandatory to disclose the NABERS Energy Rating of these types of buildings at the point of sale or lease. This is a requirement under the Commercial Building Disclosure Program) Act 2010.

How often do I need to get assessed

NABERS ratings are valid for 12 months. Getting an annual assessment ensures that your rating represents your building’s current operational performance.

Annual assessments and ratings also give you an opportunity to track and improve your building performance and emissions.

Benefits of getting a NABERS rating

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Getting a NABERS assessment and rating for your building will help you identify areas for savings and improvements. Understanding what areas you can focus on improving will empower you to make the necessary changes and make progress towards a more efficient environmentally friendly building.

Understanding how your building performs empowers you to implement changes that will increase efficiencies in how you use water and energy resulting in lower bills. Since 2010, NABERS-rated office buildings have reported a huge 30-40% or $400 million in savings on energy bills.

High-performing businesses are attracted to high performing buildings. A more efficient building results in lower energy costs for the tenants. This supports higher rents, longer-term tenants and lower vacancy rates.

A high NABERS rating simply communicates optimal building operations. When your building operates well, it leads to reduced operating costs, higher rental income and lower vacancy rates. This gives you a competitive advantage and possibly, a higher market value for your commercial property.

NABERS-rated office buildings have reported an average of 11.5% reduction in emissions, a 9% increase in water efficiency with 6 billion litres of water saved, saving a total of 257,000 tonnes of CO2, and AUD $1 billion saved in energy bills over the course of the program.

Buildings with a good Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) rating demonstrate healthier indoor spaces and can result in reduced staff absenteeism and higher productivity. They are more efficient, more comfortable and better for your team.

Why businesses choose Green Moves

With over 15 years of experience in sustainability consulting, Green Moves are respected leaders in the industry. We have accredited assessors, on our team, and can assess your building(s) for

Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Ratings
Energy assessments for tenancy, base building or whole building
Water assessments for tenancy, base building or whole building
Energy assessments for hotels
Water assessments for hotels
Waste assessments

If you want to get an indication of how your building or tenancy rates, without the cost of a full accredited assessment, we can help. Note that the estimated rating can’t be used or promoted in any way, it provides an indication only of what a formally accredited rating may be.

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