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If you’re thinking of getting ISO14001 certification but don’t know where to start, we can help. The certification process can be confusing and difficult to navigate when you don’t have the right support. It’s important to understand what’s involved so you can make informed decisions for your business.

Green Moves is a sustainability consulting company, specialising in helping small and medium-sized businesses. We can provide guidance and assistance tailored to your needs, to help you through the ISO14001 certification process from start to finish.

What is ISO14001

ISO14001 is a framework for organisations to follow and set up an effective environmental management system (EMS).

An EMS helps your organisation identify, manage, monitor and control your environmental issues.

Your EMS needs to be in place and embedded into your organisation with continual review and improvement. To get the certification, you’ll need to demonstrate to a qualified and independent ISO14001 auditor the following

  • Commitment to the prevention of pollution and continual improvement
  • Framework for environmental objectives and targets
  • Environmental policies communicated within the organisation
  • Commitment to comply with legal and other requirements
  • Have the environmental policies available to the public
  • Have the environmental policies documented, implemented and maintained

Is it mandatory for my business

While it’s not compulsory for businesses to have ISO14001 certification, any business can get certified regardless of size, type or industry.

Why should my business get ISO14001 certification

There are many ways your business can benefit from ISO14001 certification. An effective EMS will give your business a set of processes and practices for reducing your environmental impact and increasing your operating efficiency. Here are some of the benefits

You’ll be signalling to your customers, suppliers and stakeholders your commitment to being environmentally responsible and that you’ve implemented the ISO14001 standard properly.

Having an EMS means you’re reviewing how you’re currently using your resources and identifying ways your business can become more efficient in reducing waste and everyday costs.

Consumers are increasingly choosing to buy from environmentally responsible brands. Getting ISO14001 certification demonstrates that you are committed to reducing your environmental impact.

More efficient use of resources and less waste will lead to a reduction in your operating costs.

Through the positive impact your business is working towards with increased prominence of environmental management within your business’s strategic planning processes and greater input from leadership with proactive initiatives,

Having ISO14001 certification can either set you apart from your competition or maintain your market position if many of your competitors are already certified. This also applies if you’re a service provider bidding for tender.

Prepare for ISO14001 certification with Green Moves

Our sustainability advisors can tailor solutions to the level you need. Here’s how we can help you prepare for ISO14001 certification

  • Education on ISO14001 – what it is and how it works
  • How to do it yourself with minimal support
  • Setting up policies and procedures
  • Embedding environmental management into business
  • Measuring and monitoring
  • Continual improvement processes

If you’re trying to make your business more sustainable, it can be an arduous journey to navigate. Whether it’s getting started with ISO14001 certification, carbon inventory or a sustainability plan, we can help.

At Green Moves, we’re committed to helping you progress on your sustainability journey. Since 2009, we’ve been helping businesses in Australia and internationally, as well as government organisations with sustainability solutions. All our advice and services are completely independent, practical and financially viable.

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