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If you’re planning to build a new home, taking steps to make it as efficient and sustainable as possible will result in a home that’s cost-efficient to run and comfortable. After all, 80% of the efficiency of a home is in the design.

At Green Moves, we’ve been guiding people to build better, more efficient and more comfortable homes for over 15 years. Building a new home is the one chance you have to make it sustainable from the start.

Regardless of who your architect, designer or builder are, we can provide you with an independent review that focuses on making sure your new home is comfortable, efficient and cost-effective to run.

We’ll work with you and your contractors to maximise the opportunity for achieving the best outcome possible now and for future resale value.

What’s involved in a building plan review

  1. A standard new build consultation begins with our initial meeting and a discussion of your goals
  2. We review the building site and the plans (if you already have them) or provide guidance on layout and orientation if you don’t have plans yet
  3. We consider how the house plan and site can work best for efficiency
  4. We look at the insulation levels, windows and glazing, heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, renewable energy potential, and check prevailing cooling breezes amongst other things.
  5. Your final report provides a list of practical recommendations to improve the comfort and efficiency of your new home into the future. And we’ll answer any questions that may come up after you’ve received your report.

How using Scorecard informs new builds

You can also opt to have an energy efficiency assessment (Scorecard assessment) done which will give you the current and potential Scorecard ratings. A Scorecard building plan consultation helps you identify the value of the recommended changes, in addition to what you get in a standard new build consultation.

We’ll work through the potential changes with you so we only include the features that are practical and that you’re happy with. Watch the video below featuring one of our new build Scorecard clients.

How you’ll benefit from getting your building plans reviewed

You’ll get guidance in all aspects of your new build and maximise its potential. From the orientation of the home, glazing of your windows, and insulation through to heating options, hot water and product selection. You’ll get expert advice to make sure your home is efficient, healthy and comfortable.

You’ll also receive a report detailing a list of recommendations that if implemented, will result in a more comfortable, highly efficient home. We explain and prioritise features that offer you the best value and are happy to attend meetings with your contractors.

If you choose a Scorecard rating to go with your Building Plan Review, you’ll also get a current (as per current building plans) and a best potential rating for your home. Scorecard ratings are an easy and excellent way to demonstrate the quality of your home.

Best of all, you’ll maximise the opportunities a new build provides, as 80% of the efficiency of a home is in the design. Get it right the first time with a building plan review for energy efficiency.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the house that Graeme built. The case study outlines what was involved in the build and the amazing results, with no gas or water bills and very minimal electricity costs.

Read the case study

How much it will cost you

The cost of a building plan review depends on the size of your home. Generally, a plan review for a standard, single-storey home, including a feedback report costs approximately $690.

You can choose to include a Scorecard rating (current and potential) with your building plan review. This costs approximately $890 for a single-storey three-bedroom home.

We offer a 10% seniors discount.

Why choose Green Moves

Since 2009, our knowledgeable team have been helping people build and live in more comfortable and sustainable homes. We have more than 15 years of experience with fully qualified and accredited assessors on our team.

You’ll find a full range of sustainable home solutions from our list of services. From basic guidance to fully tailored solutions, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the best advice and service.

We don’t take any fees or commissions from providers so you can trust that all the advice and recommendations you receive are completely independent. We pride ourselves on our easy-to-understand reports and practical advice that is also financially viable.

You’ll love how easy it is to deal with us. We believe in being honest and open, and always strive to communicate clearly with you. You’ll always find our friendly team approachable and helpful.

Choose to work with us to make your new home the best it can be. You’ll not only be helping the environment but you’ll also save money on utility bills, create a more comfortable living space and increase the market value of your home.

Get us involved as early as possible so you can have the best advantage and opportunities to future-ready your home.

Find out what people we’ve worked with say about us

We are leaders in building high performances houses inAustralia, based in Wodonga and have worked with Danielle and Green Moves to help us maximise the sustainability and energy efficiency of the new homes we build.

We’ve found her expertise and experience highly valuable and she has a helpful, practical and realistic approach. She has certainly added value to our developments and readily shares her knowledge. Collaborating with Danielle has also helped us to achieve a 10 Star Scorecard rating for the new homes in our recent development (a first for new build homes in Victoria) and helped us promote it.

Her commitment and professionalism have truly helped us achieve the level we are working at. She has had a direct influence on us leading the market. 

I can recommend working with Danielle and am sure she will add value to any project.

Brendon Collins OAM

Director Elmwood Living

I had an extensive in-depth discussion about my home building project which is in concept design stage. Green Moves’ expertise and guidance has been invaluable covering orientation, ventilation, electrical services, water, thermal mass and monitoring systems.
Excellent help and my project will be much better for it.

Linda B.

Regional VIC

I’m in the process of building my first home, and wanted to thank you for the resources you provide on your resources pages. Making sure my home is environmentally friendly is one of my primary motivations, and I’ve been looking for condensed sources of information to help me understand how I could do that. 

As such, your site has been pretty instrumental in helping me gather the info I’ve needed.

Ed S.


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