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Green Moves is proudly certified Carbon Neutral for our business operations by Climate Active. We have been since December 2020. Achieving this certification demonstrates we walk the talk on climate action, and formalises our commitment to a net zero carbon future. It also means we can better engage with our customers.

What’s Climate Active?

Climate Active is a collaborative effort between the Australian government and businesses to encourage voluntary climate action by measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.

Since 2010, Australian businesses like ours have been able to get certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral. This certification acknowledges that your brand has achieved carbon neutrality with a highly reputable certification body.

Why be Climate Active?

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Climate change is a challenge that affects everyone, but it also means we have the opportunity to take action as businesses and Australians. By working together, we can make changes in the way we operate our business for the benefit of the communities we serve and our planet.

When you get Climate Active certification, your business is communicating your commitment to innovation, industry leadership and sustainable practices.

It will give you a competitive edge over other businesses as consumers seek sustainable and ethical products and services.

How Climate Active certification benefits your business

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  • Generates revenue
  • Shows that your business is playing a part in climate action
  • Saves on energy and costs
  • Connects better with the community
  • Increases customer recognition
  • Engages employees
  • Enhances your business reputation and brand perception
  • Meets stakeholder expectations
  • Builds capacity

Who can be Climate Active?

Any business or organisation can take steps to be Climate Active certified. Green Moves can work with you and your business to create the best pathway to getting certified.

  • Organisations
  • Products
  • Services
  • Events
  • Buildings
  • Precincts

Steps to becoming certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral

To be certified, you must meet the requirements of the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. This essentially means you must measure emissions, reduce them where possible, offset the remaining emissions then publicly report the results.

Getting and staying Climate Active certified
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Apply for certification with Climate Active. Once your application’s been approved, your business can enter into a licence agreement with Climate Active.

Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions which establishes your carbon account or carbon footprint. This gives you a clear understanding of areas to focus on reducing your emissions.

Now you can focus on reducing emissions wherever possible by making changes to your business operations. Ways of doing this include reducing electricity or buying it from renewable sources, reducing waste, improving fuel and transport efficiencies, limiting or avoiding travel, and using certified carbon-neutral products and services. As part of our service, Green Moves will create an emissions reduction strategy for you.

You can eliminate or offset any emissions remaining by purchasing carbon credits. A carbon credit is a reduction in emissions generated by a project such as reforestation or renewable energy. Businesses can buy these offsets to cancel out their emissions. When you have cancelled out all your emissions, you have reached a carbon-neutral state. While we don’t sell offsets at Green Moves, we will guide you through the selection and purchase process.

Get your carbon-neutral claim validated by an independent third party. Green Moves can guide you through this process. We’re entirely independent and can organise the data validation for your carbon account.

Climate Active will assess all your reporting documents that support your carbon-neutral claim. When you receive certification, your public disclosure statement is published on the Climate Active website so everyone can see that your claims are credible.

How Green Moves can help

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As sustainability consulting experts, we’ve been working with businesses and government organisations since 2009. We’re continually working on improving and refining our services to your specific needs. We’ll give you all the help and guidance you need to get certified Carbon Neutral. You’ll find us easy to work with, with sustainability solutions that are practical and financially viable.

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What businesses we’ve worked with say about us

The Green Moves team have been a pleasure to work with. When we decided to become a carbon-neutral organisation we didn’t know how to start or where to go. Green Moves was referred to us and we couldn’t be happier. We are now certified carbon neutral with Climate Active. 

A big thanks to Danie and the team for all their help

Angus Wilson

It has been a pleasure working with Danielle King, Managing Director & Senior Sustainability Consultant of Green Moves. Danielle has been our guide through our carbon-neutral journey.
Danielle has worked with us since our journey commenced, setting the bar for firms nationwide, in establishing ourselves as carbon neutral certified and as positive, proactive pioneers in the process.

Melbourne, VIC

Navigating carbon neutrality for a business can be a challenge, but thanks to the guidance and support of Green Moves, we are on track with our sustainability journey.

Colette Dunn

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