What you can do to save money and conserve our most precious resource

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With extreme weather events and climate change and an increasing population, we have to become more conscious and efficient with how we’re using water.

Across Australia, we’ve seen significant and more frequent floods and droughts affecting our freshwater environments such as rivers, creeks and lakes.

Water restrictions, more frequent water shortages and price increases are the results of such weather events. If you haven’t noticed, water prices have increased by over 300% in the last 10 years, and are likely to increase further.

We need to do more collectively to conserve water and be as efficient as possible, at home and at work.

Why being more water efficient will help

Water efficiency is crucial to maintaining supply. By saving one litre of water, you’re saving a litre of new water supplied by a dam, rainwater tank, greywater diversion or black water recycling system.

It takes a lot of energy, chemicals and materials to treat water for reusing and recycling. Reducing how much water you use is much cheaper and more efficient.

Watch the Water Efficient by Design webinar, a 35-minute informative video on why water efficiency is necessary, and how to apply water efficiency strategies to your home.

Save water at home

Most water in your home is used in the shower, toilet and garden. You can build in water efficiency by using highly water-efficient taps, showers and appliances.

Be aware of your habits and use water efficiently in your home. Keep shower time to 3 minutes and fix any leaks quickly.

Install a rainwater tank to collect and reuse water.

Save water at work

How you use and save water will depend on the type of business you work in. Generally, you can do the following in almost any business to save water

  • Install low-flow taps and showers
  • Install dual flush toilets that are water efficient and consider waterless urinal systems
  • Purchase appliances that are highly water and energy efficient
  • Run dishwashers only when full
  • Sweep areas rather than hosing down
  • If using water pressure devices to wash areas down, opt for a low-water use model.
  • Fix any leaks quickly
  • Mulch any garden areas to reduce water loss
  • Educate your teams
  • Utilise any potential for rainwater collection and reuse
  • Monitor and measure water use regularly

Our Water Awareness Award

Thanks to Bushman Tanks for our H20 Hero Award. Green Moves is recognised for our water-saving resources and advocacy.

Water Awareness Award
Water Awareness Award

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