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Improve business productivity and capture returns from energy savings with a Green Moves energy audit

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As business owners, you’ll understand how important it is to be efficient and effective in all aspects of your business operations. Energy consumption is an increasingly significant expense and reducing it will not only benefit your bottom line but also helps reduce your business’s carbon footprint. 

An energy audit will give your business a useful resource for identifying, quantifying, and cost-justifying energy-saving initiatives. You’ll find out what the quick wins are, what’s worth doing in the next few years, and what should be on the longer-term plan. We’ll even tell you if there is any grant funding available to assist with any recommended upgrades.

Our range of Energy Audit services is tailored to suit your business requirements. Depending on your needs, we can recommend the most appropriate audit to meet your goals and identify which actions to take for the best return on your investment.

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A range of energy assessments to suit your business needs

Choose from a range of energy audits, ranging from basic to comprehensive. 

Our reporting for Type 1, 2 and 3 Audits complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3598:2014 (Energy Audit Standards). 

Basic Audit

A basic cost-effective audit that gives you a very high-level overview of your business’s energy usage. We can tailor an audit to suit your business needs.
A basic cost-effective audit that gives you a very high-level overview of your business’s energy usage. We can tailor an audit to suit your business needs.

Type 1 Audit (Australian Standard compliant)

This is a cost-effective high-level energy audit that requires an onsite visit and access to 12 months of energy bills. It will provide you with a summary and approximate orders of savings and costs for identified energy efficiency opportunities. We’ll review your energy bills, identify payback for recommendations and provide a list of opportunities, including quick wins, for you to action as time permits. If any funding is available to assist with the implementation of any of the recommendations, that will also be included. This type of audit is also referred to as an energy assessment. 

Type 2 Audit (Australian Standard compliant)

A Type 2 Audit is more detailed and involves an onsite visit, access to interval metering data and at least 12 months of energy billing data. You’ll receive a detailed analysis of your energy usage and tariffs (including any demand charges), a review of the key onsite appliances, and recommendations on succession planning for the larger appliances. The report also identifies baseline energy use (what’s used when the site is closed), and active energy use (what’s used when the business is operating).

You’ll find out how much energy is being used by which key appliances, get cost-justified recommendations for identified energy efficiency opportunities, and know what order things should be done to get the best value for money. The recommendations will provide a prioritised list of recommendations including quick wins, what could be cost-justified over a few years, and what should be strategically planned for in the future. If any funding is available to assist with the implementation of any of the recommendations, that will also be included. The accuracy of figures is generally within approximately 10%.

Type 3 Audit (Australian Standard compliant)

A Type 3 Audit will give you a comprehensive analysis of a particular item, (for example a heating and cooling unit), with detailed recommendations and cost-justified improvements. This type of audit usually requires monitoring equipment to be installed on the appliance being audited and specialist knowledge. It is a highly detailed analysis and report usually only done to identify significant operational issues and solutions for a large system.
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Why choose a Standard compliant energy audit

The AS/NZS 3598:2014 is an updated Standard for energy audits in Australia and New Zealand to ensure it supports the delivery of high-quality, consistent energy audits that will help businesses make informed decisions on energy efficiency

The standard sets:

  • Clear expectations and requirements for each type of energy audit so you can cross-check your audit report to make sure you’ve received everything you asked for
  • Clear definition of what the energy auditor should undertake, ensuring the quality of the audit’s recommendations
  • Clear outcomes for reducing your energy consumption by identifying improvement opportunities within your budget, timelines and goals
  • Three clearly defined types of audit so you can choose which suits your needs best
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How Green Moves can help your business

Our sustainability advisers are fully qualified, insured and accredited with the appropriate bodies. You’ll get expert guidance and advice from our highly experienced team across our services including

Our reporting complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3598:2014 (Energy Audit Standards) and will give you a useful resource for identifying, quantifying and progressing energy-saving initiatives.
We can help you measure and manage your business’s carbon footprint and identify opportunities for reducing emissions.
We can refer you to suitable products that can help you save energy, such as LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and solar panels.
We can help you manage the implementation of the recommended actions so they are completed efficiently and effectively.
We’ll give you guidance on understanding your energy bills and analysing your energy rates so you can make more informed decisions.
Green Moves provides general guidance and support for resource efficiency initiatives. We’ll help you identify appropriate sustainable practices throughout your business operations.
Find out what businesses we’ve worked with say about our energy audits

At Stomping Ground, it’s really important to us to do our bit for the environment by minimising our footprint and maximising our sustainability initiatives. We engaged Green Moves to do a Type 2 energy audit on our brewery and beer hall in Collingwood to help us identify ways to reduce energy use, operating costs and other things we could do more sustainably. The end report was clear and simple to read, and identified practical and cost-effective actions we could reasonably take to reduce our energy use by 52%. We implemented a number of the recommendations immediately for some quick wins. Danielle King was our consultant and we found her highly professional and her communication throughout the process was excellent.

I’d be happy to use Green Moves again in the future and would recommend them to others.

Guy Greenstone

Green Moves Australia are great to work with, very professional and personable staff who go above and beyond to deliver excellent service to clients. We have had a great experience working with Green Moves and Danie has been so helpful right through from beginning to end including, scoping, auditing, reporting and ongoing monitoring. Danie also provides invaluable advice and expertise on a range of sustainability queries.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management

Danielle was great to work with, she was very helpful in determining our brief and requirements for an Energy Audit. The resulting report has been very helpful in enabling us to make tangible upgrades to our on-site sustainability and energy consumption.
Many of the recommendations we received have also been transferable to other sites.


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