Certified Carbon Neutral

We are Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified.

In December 2020 we were proud to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active and look forward to helping others along the path.

You can see the Climate Active web page here

In the spirit of being transparent, we have created an infographic of our emissions which is below. Our primary emissions is vehicle fuel, office equipment and IT equipment/services. You can see our detailed emissions summary in the Climate Active Public Disclosure Statement here.

Our emissions reduction plan includes:

  • Purchasing certified carbon neutral energy
  • Purchasing certified carbon offsets for any air travel
  • Minimising vehicle transport through use of local assessors and job route planning
  • Using public transport where possible
  • Implementing remote service offerings
  • Improving waste recycling rates
  • Updating policies to preference carbon neutral products

If you’d like us to help you measure and reduce your emissions….

Contact Green Moves about going carbon neutral