For Building Trades

Building trades occasionally need some assistance in making a home or building as efficient and sustainable as possible.   We’re here to help you do that.

We are keen to work with builders, developers, architects and building designers to help you make the most of a new build or renovation. Getting us involved at the draft plan stage provides the best advantage and opportunities. We can of course review plans and contribute at any stage, but for best value, get us in as early as you can.

Asking assessor questions

Including energy efficiency features and good marketing can provide  product differentiation and have a big impact on the quality, comfort and cost to run.  Why not make your next project ‘Future Ready’.

If you’re interested in knowing how much’ of a difference efficiency changes will make to a residential project, we can provide a before and after Scorecard star rating using the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard  assessment.  A good example of this was our own renovation done in 2017 where we started with a 1 Star house, and finished with a 7 Star house!  You can see our case study by clicking here.  

Using Scorecard for new build projects

Using Scorecard to inform & measure renovation projects

What do you do ?

Work with you to make your building product as efficient, healthy and sustainable as possible. We can also provide information on marketing opportunities.

For residential projects we can provide a Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment which includes an ‘as is’ rating as well as a list of recommended changes to maximise the Scorecard rating. 

We add in the proposed changes and work out what can be realistically done to get you the best Scorecard rating. We would work through the potential upgrades with you so we only include those features that you like and are practical.

The findings will be reviewed with you at the end of the assessment and you’ll receive a report on the recommended changes and what Scorecard rating is possible on your home.

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What do you get out of it?

A well informed new build or renovation! Know what features will offer the best value and what to include in your renovation to improve the comfort and cost to run the home. You’ll receive a report with the prioritised recommendations so you have something to refer to as the renovation progresses.

If you chose a Scorecard rating baseline you will also get a before and potential after rating for the project home or apartments.

How much does it cost?

That will depend on the project and service obtained.  A single home build consultation including a Scorecard rating (before rating, list of opportunities and after rating) will be approximately $690 depending on the project. 

Apartment or commercial projects need to be costed separately.

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