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Working with local government

We provide expert sustainability services for local government authorities (LGAs) because, at Green Moves, we understand the unique challenges that LGAs face in implementing sustainability initiatives

Get expert guidance and choose from our range of sustainability solutions for LGAs including community education workshops, business and residential energy efficiency programs, energy auditing, assessments of council buildings and facilities, and carbon accounting and emissions reporting.

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Expert sustainability services for LGAs

We can cover a wide range of topics in our community education workshops, including energy and water efficiency, waste management, efficient renovations or construction, and general sustainability. Education is key to promoting sustainability and our workshops are designed to engage and inspire your communities.

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These programs are designed to meet the needs of your local businesses, helping them reduce their carbon footprint, and save money on energy costs. Working closely with businesses, we develop and implement sustainability strategies that are practical and impactful.

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Help homeowners and renters in your local community reduce their energy bills and create more efficient, comfortable, living spaces. Our team of accredited Scorecard assessors can provide advice on everything from insulation to renewable energy systems and can help you identify the most cost-effective solutions. We can also quantify potential carbon emission savings for programs using the Scorecard assessments.

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Reduce your carbon emissions by getting energy audits and assessments of council buildings and facilities. Identify the ‘quick wins’ and what actions may need a more planned approach. We’ll help you identify areas where you can save energy and reduce costs through identifying, quantifying and cost-justifying energy-saving initiatives.

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Get an assessment of your carbon emissions, by measuring and tracking energy use, transportation and other emissions. Our reports are practical and easy to understand, highlighting where you can improve efficiencies and reduce emissions and costs.

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All our services can be customised to your requirements. As leading sustainability consultants, we can tailor a solution to match your needs.

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Why government organisations choose to work with us

As a leading sustainability consulting company, our knowledgeable team are fully qualified and accredited sustainability assessors, Climate Active registered consultants and qualified educators in the field.

Since 2009, we’ve been working with government organisations providing
sustainability solutions and services. Our director actively participates on
industry advisory boards and has worked with a range of government programs to assist in creating efficient sustainable outcomes.

We have tailored services for government organisations that have helped deliver environmental, economic and social benefits. Completely independent, Green Moves provides practical reports and advice that is easy to understand.

We’ve been described as professional, easy to work with and flexible. Take a look at our client testimonials. Referees from government organisations can also be provided on request.

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Since 2009, we’ve been working with government organisations, businesses and householders helping them reduce their carbon footprint. We provide a wide range of sustainability services, or you can get a solution tailored to your needs.

We believe that sustainable government is essential for creating a better world environmentally, socially and economically. That’s why we’re committed to using our knowledge, experience and expertise, to work with government organisations, helping them achieve their environmental targets and objectives.

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