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If you’re looking to improve your skills and knowledge in general sustainability and the built environment, Green Moves has a range of training and educational resources for you to choose from. 

From community education sessions and free online training courses to local programs and workshops and our own short courses. We create training materials and provide nationally-recognised training in the sustainability sector. 

Qualified trainers and educators

We love sharing knowledge and providing training on home, business and building sustainability. Our qualified trainers have taught at Swinburne University, and run programs for local councils and other reputable educational organisations.

We can work with you to tailor topics for presentations and create specific training and information sessions.

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Upskill with Green Moves

Community education

Green Moves director, Danielle King, is also a qualified Trainer and Assessor. She provides educational seminars and workshops for community education covering a range of topics, including Energy efficient homes and businesses, Getting off gas, Solar PV and batteries, Sustainable living and working, and Tailored sessions to suit your requirements.

We’ve provided community education seminars and workshops for a variety of councils, associations and schools.



Short courses by Green Moves at The Green Building Institute

All of our online training courses are run through The Green Building Institute online platform. The Green Building Institute is a not-for-profit organisation that creates and runs online nationally accredited training in the Green Building and Property sector. These courses are aimed at developing green building skills for both trades and property professionals.

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Green Property Professional Training

Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate is a five-hour course run by our Director, Danielle King. Get the knowledge you need to understand what to look for and get higher market prices for ‘efficient buildings’.
Clients are demanding more sustainable buildings that increase capital value and have lower operating costs. Sustainability features are becoming a requirement, not just for Government Tenancies, but also for organisations that are financially savvy and looking to grow…. read more

Maximising value using residential efficiency ratings

A 3-hour short course for the residential property sector, specifically real estate professionals. This course has been developed by sustainability consultants and building industry educators.
Expand your toolkit to identify hidden value in property, and understand changing consumer trends and attitudes towards homes. Find out what the different ratings are, what to look for during inspections and how to promote it.

Free sustainability courses and webinars


Cradle to Cradle

Watch the inspiring documentary Cradle to Cradle to learn about how the founders are remaking the way we make things and changing the way we view ‘stuff’. Waste Equals Food talks about how waste is simply stupid, and how in nature something’s waste is food for someone else. This is how we should be making things. It’s a must-watch for anyone looking for a sustainable world.



We recommend taking advantage of the free training courses available through Coursera, including Introduction to Sustainability. This 8-week online course is a great way to learn more about sustainability, free of charge. You’ll also find several other free courses listed under Sustainability on the Coursera website.


Learn about Earthships

Watch this short webinar to learn about how Earthships are built.

Earthships are a type of sustainable building made from recycled materials and are designed to be self-sufficient. 

Other paid courses and programs


GreenSmart Professional Training by Housing Industry Association (HIA)

This is a 2-day Green Building training course designed for builders and Trades, run by the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Contact the HIA for the next scheduled course dates.


Green Living Training by Master Builders Association (MBA)

The Master Builders have their Green Living program which is part of their Certificate IV in Building and Construction. The program can also be done separately. Contact your local Master Builder training department for the latest schedules.


Learn and grow with Green Moves

At Green Moves, we’re committed to helping you learn and upskill in the area of sustainability. Contact us to organise an educational session for your local group or community.

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