Sustainability plans

Why it’s important for your business to have one

Sustainability planning for business

Having a sustainability plan will help your business adopt sustainable practices that fit with your business and increase efficiency and productivity. You’ll find how to conserve resources by operating more efficiently, saving time and reducing costs while minimising your impact on the environment.

Businesses are developing their sustainability plans to improve operations and build them into day-to-day operations. It also demonstrates their commitment to the environment, achieves sustainability goals, increases operational efficiencies and helps to comply with any regulatory requirements that may apply.

Green Moves can help you develop a sustainability plan so your business operations can adapt to environmental challenges, discover innovation opportunities, stay viable and enhance your brand reputation in a competitive market.

What is a sustainability plan and why your business needs one

A sustainability plan is a strategy and action list for achieving your business’s long-term environmental goals. It documents your targets, has measurable, quantifiable goals, and specific actions on how you’ll achieve them and when.

Every business has a responsibility for the impact it has on the environment. Having a sustainability plan makes sure that you’re driving change in all areas of your operations, increasing efficiencies and saving on waste and costs.

Sustainability should be embedded into the organisation’s business plans and operations, just like OHS and quality are embedded across an organisation. This takes time, staff and stakeholder engagement and support, but it’s definitely achievable. The end goal is to have efficiency and sustainability actions built into maintenance schedules, and project plans, considered in all aspects of the organisation’s operations and discussed regularly at all levels.

How your business can benefit from a sustainability plan

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Increased productivity and profitability

Studies show that the most sustainable companies are also the most profitable. This is because the investment you make in the short term can lead to long-term benefits on your bottom line.

Improved brand perception

Using your business as a force for good will improve staff engagement, and how your brand is perceived by increasingly discerning consumers. It also makes winning new business easier, businesses want to work with other responsible businesses.

Mitigating risks

Having a sustainability plan embedded into your business plan means that you’ll have a strategy across all areas of your operations should your business be affected by an environmental challenge. This means you’ll be prepared with a plan of action to protect your business, the environment and your staff from any damaging incidents.

Competitive advantage

There’s a growing market for sustainable goods. Consumers and businesses are choosing sustainable brands and are even willing to pay more for products and services that are demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Start your sustainability journey with Green Moves

If you’re starting your sustainability journey, we can work with you to create your sustainability action plan. This will identify and help prioritise quick wins and plan solutions for those more challenging changes in an appropriate timeframe.

An effective sustainability plan calls for a constant cycle of reviews, and updates, but you’ll soon be celebrating the successes. Once your plan is in place, Green Moves can continue to help you with engaging, measuring and monitoring your progress.

Find out what businesses we’ve worked with say about us

Green Moves Australia are great to work with, very professional and personable
staff who go above and beyond to deliver excellent service to clients. We have had a great experience working with Green Moves and Danie has been so helpful right through from beginning to end including, scoping, auditing, reporting and ongoing monitoring. Danie also provides invaluable advice and expertise on a range of sustainability queries. 

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management

Green Moves conducted an energy audit for our organic grocer business. We found the Energy Audit Report helpful and practical – we also enjoyed working with Danielle King from Green Moves and 

would recommend her to any other small business seeking advice on reducing energy and emissions (and for other sustainability advice).

Caroline B

Danielle was great to work with, she was very helpful in determining our brief and requirements for an Energy Audit. The resulting report has been very helpful in enabling us to make tangible upgrades to our on-site sustainability and energy consumption. 

Many of the recommendations we received have also been transferable to other sites.


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