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Save time and money with our service-by-the-hour consultation for your home

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If you have a specific question or issue to ask about, and feel that you don’t need a full assessment, we can help. We can answer all your efficiency questions onsite, online or on the phone, saving you time and money.

At Green Moves, we’ve been helping householders live more comfortably, efficiently and sustainably for over 15 years. Our wide range of sustainability services is practical and financially viable, designed to help Australians with solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Sustainable home solutions is a service-by-the-hour. It’s a convenient solution, where we work to give you independent, cost-effective guidance where you simply pay by the hour for the time that we’ve spent. Minimum one hour per consultation.

What services are included in sustainable solutions

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This is a pay-by-the-hour service, that will give you the answers you need to any questions you may have. Our Sustainable home solution services can include

  • Answer your burning questions on heating, cooling installation etc
  • Identifying problems in your home
  • Discussing and prioritising improvements
  • Product selection
  • Obtaining quotes from suppliers and contractors
  • Developing implementation plans
  • Scheduling installations
  • Liaising with the contractors

How Sustainable home solution services can benefit you

We’ll answer all your questions, saving you time, effort and hassle. You’ll get professional independent advice, giving you peace of mind and reassurance for the decisions you need to make.

How much will it cost

Sustainable home solution services are tailored services, so the cost will depend on how much time we spend. The fees for these services are based on an hourly rate, of $90 per hour including GST.

Why choose Green Moves

Green Moves team working with homeowners
Our team have years of experience in residential efficiency. We’re fully accredited assessors and understand well how important home comfort and cost efficiency is.
You’ll find a full range of sustainable home solutions from our list of services. From basic guidance to fully tailored solutions, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the best advice and service.
We don’t take any fees or commissions from providers so you can trust that all the advice and recommendations you receive are completely independent. We pride ourselves on our easy-to-understand reports and practical advice that is also financially viable.
You’ll love how easy it is to deal with us. We believe in being honest and open and always strive to communicate clearly with you. You’ll always find our friendly team approachable and helpful.

Find out what people we’ve worked with say about us

Green Moves provided me with an advisory consult to help me identify some energy concerns in my home. The advice was very helpful and excellent value.
Even if I follow half the items discussed I’ll be doing well with the energy bills.

Tony O.

South Melbourne

I had an extensive in-depth discussion about my home building project which is in the concept design stage. Green Moves expertise and guidance have been invaluable in covering orientation, ventilation, electrical services, water, thermal mass and monitoring systems. 

Excellent help and my project will be much better for it.

Linda B.

Was an interesting experience finding out what is using the power in our home. Turned out our fridge was causing 30% of our energy bills and the old plasma TV another 25%. Danielle also gave us tips on how to reduce heating and cooling costs. Good, practical and impartial advice, and not trying to sell us products!
Great service, thank you.

Karen G.

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