What people say

It’s always nice to see what others think of our services so we’ve set up this page of testimonials for you to review and hope you find it helpful.

We welcome any feedback good, bad or otherwise – its the only way we can keep the quality of our services as high as possible. So don’t be shy, let us know how we’re doing.

“Danielle was excellent, very knowledgeable and practical. We especially appreciated her suggestions as they were prioritised and took into account the energy savings versus the money spent to upgrade or improve. Highly recommend this service. Danielle helped us to decide where to spend our money to improve our home energy usage.” Cristin B, Oakleigh, VIC


“We chose GreenMoves Australia to complete an Energy Efficiency Scorecard after considering a number of local suppliers. The booking and assessment process was simple and prompt. We enjoyed having Lucinda visit and complete the assessment. She engaged well, was very thorough, answered a lot of questions, and explained things extremely well. The report provided complete observations, advice, and general information. Despite being stunned by the positive outcome rating we will be undertaking the few recommended additional improvements. Thank you for the prompt provision of this service. ” Kerry C & Cushla C, Cranbourne West, VIC


“Although we had used 3 traditional real estate agencies at various times, people who saw our listing in Green Moves fell in love with our Terra Dome. They would never have found us from local agencies, for they specifically wanted an eco-friendly home. I felt from the word go that we were ideally suited to Green Moves and it is pleasing for both of us that you can put the SOLD sign on our ad. Many thanks for the excellent service you provided and may you continue to prosper in the future.” Charles P.


“I had an extensive in-depth discussion about my home building project which is in concept design stage.  Green Moves expertise and guidance has been invaluable covering orientation, ventilation, electrical services, water, thermal mass and monitoring systems. Excellent help and my project will be much better for it.”  Linda B.


“On the day of the assessment you advised us that our oil heaters in the kids room and our oven were using the bulk of our energy. You suggested we replace the heaters with 400w panel heaters and that we should consider a convection microwave. We did both of those things and didn’t have to spend a fortune either. Got the heater on sale for $30 each and got a convection microwave for under $200. Our average energy usage per day has now dropped from 47.72kwh this time last year to 29.17kwh. We are very thankful for the advice you gave us. Your simple tips have saved us hundreds of dollars already and covered the costs of the heaters and convection oven.” Jason D.


“I had plans drawn up to renovate 2 small homes that were semi detached in Barkley St, Elwood. After meeting Danie at the MBA Expo in July I asked her to review the plans with an eye on energy efficiency and sustainability to ensure we made the homes as efficient as possible. She visited the development site and returned to our home and reviewed the plans with us. She easily read the plans, understood the details, identified north orientation and symbols and was able to identify some key issues that will be easy to resolve before building starts. Danie also identified potential issues for the up coming energy rating and advised on items involved with Section J (specifically insulation) of the building code and the new energy restrictions for lighting.

We were very happy with the advice and guidance given and would recommend Green Moves to anyone who is considering building or renovating to create a sustainable home.” Gail S.


“Was an interesting experience finding out what is using the power in our home.  Turned out  our fridge was causing 30% of our energy bills and the old plasma TV another 25%.   Danielle also gave us tips on how to reduce heating  and cooling costs. Good, practical and impartial advice, and not trying to sell us products!  Great service, thank you.”  Karen G.


“Danielle is a very effective speaker and her presentation was excellent, clear and concise. She also gave us valuable insight and direction re sustainability and other smart ideas in building our dream house.”  Doug A.


“Very helpful in redirecting from wrong heating and window types on our new build.  Saved us from what would have been an expensive mistake”  Pete P.


“I’m in the process of building my first home, and wanted to thank you for the resources you provide on your resources pages.  Making sure my home is environmentally friendly is one of my primary motivations, and I’ve been looking for condensed sources of information to help me understand how I could do that. As such, your site has been pretty instrumental in helping me gather the info I’ve needed.”  Ed S.


“Danielle is unique in her credentials. It is rare to get someone from an academic background and industry who has cumulated years of knowledge in informing and marketing green housing, design, architecture, and assessment of green criteria within retail and sales. Even more rare that Danielle is able to do this with passion and a great capacity to communicate. After meeting with Danielle, I felt inspired. Not only does she provide a great service but she is contributing as an educator in this new green industry. My house is listed on her site and I feel honoured and privileged to be associated with her.” Andrew HD


“Our project is based on sustainability so we were fortunate to be offered Green Moves services. Being posted on the Green Property list complements and enhances our marketing campaign. Danielle King was instrumental in raising the profile of green development with our chosen real estate agent. Her local knowledge and personable manner were an added bonus.” Patricia D.


“The knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment of Green Moves consultant Danielle has inspired me to a greater consciousness of the need for environmental sustainability and motivated me to act with greater consideration in respect of my surroundings and the use of natural means to maintain our everyday comfort. The benefit of her practical advice is reflected in my greatly reduced power and water usage, and knowing what and how to recycle items means my bin is never full – reducing ‘tip’ fill. I am now sharing the knowledge of environmentally friendly solutions and how to let natural resources work to your advantage with my neighbors.” Lesley K.


“Service is a word bandied about by most businesses but they don’t even know what it means. In a world where service & efficiency have almost dwindled away, there are still a few gems to be found. Danie King is one such gem & I am only too pleased to recommend her & excellent service & thoughtfulness. She filled me with confidence & I knew I was on the right track.” Bev B.


“Green Moves have provided us a great service and your business will be highly recommended. Thank you.” Jose R.

We are always interested in your feedback, good, bad or otherwise so don’t be shy.