Business Energy Efficiency Assessment & Audit

Business frogOur energy efficiency services are tailored to suit your requirements. We will discuss your needs, then offer the most appropriate service to meet your goals, identifying which actions to take for the best return on investment. Stop throwing money away – identify the waste and stop it now.

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Business Energy Assessment Services

Our reporting complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3598:2014 (Energy Audit Standards) and provides a useful resource for identifying, quantifying and progressing energy saving initiatives.

As defined in the AS/NZ 3598:2014 standards, the energy audit types are:


A Level 1 Audit gives a general overview and rough orders of savings and costs. Accuracy of figures would generally be within ±40%. We refer to a Type 1 Audit as an Energy Assessment.


A Type 2 Audit is a detailed energy use survey, providing a baseline of the energy use and key energy users. It assesses costs and potential savings, and cost benefit analysis of any recommended actions.
Accuracy of figures is generally within ±10%.


A Type 3 Audit is a very detailed analysis of a particular item (for example a HVAC unit) with recommendations and cost justified improvements.

How Green Moves can help your business

analyse Our sustainability advisers are fully qualified, insured and accredited with the appropriate bodies, and can provide assistance in a variety of ways including:

  • Energy Assessments or Audits
  • CitySwitch assessments
  • Assisting with sourcing of suitable products
  • Management of implementation of recommendations
  • Billing and energy rate analysis
  • General guidance and support for resource efficiency initiatives

We have experience working with a wide variety of businesses including commercial office spaces, residential care facilities, hotels and accommodation facilities, cafe’s, retail outlets and newsagents, supermarkets, call centers, schools and community buildings.

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