Multi Unit Residential assessment

img1If you are living in a unit or apartment we can help you reduce your own, and the common area energy and water costs.

We can help you to identify what is using energy in your apartment, and provide advice on how best to deal with it.  Got high common area charges?  We can help with that too!

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Apartment and Unit efficiency assessment

Our services range from a simple Verbal Consultation (1 hour is generally enough for an apartment) through to a full energy assessment.

If several people in your building would like an assessment, and it can be arranged for the same day, we are happy to discuss making this more cost effective for all concerned.

Common Area Assessment for body corporates

Common areas of a building contribute significantly to body corporate costs for owners. There are many ways to minimise these costs without degrading the services they offer. Our thorough Common Area Assessment covers:

  • Common Area Heating and Cooling
  • Energy efficiency (lighting, lifts, car parks etc.)
  • Water efficiency (gardens, pools etc)
  • Waste (facilities, recycling etc)

The format of our reports is short and easy to follow format, enabling you to understand how the energy and water in your buildings are used. We also provide a prioritised list of actions that can be worked through at a pace that suits your Body Corporate.

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Smart Blocks program

smartblocks-logoSmart Blocks is a national program helping apartment owners and their managers to improve the energy efficiency of common property in apartment buildings. It is a great resource freely available to anyone who wants to improve common area efficiency. This tool offers guidance and tips on where to start, how to get things moving, and much more.

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