Training & Education

Many of us are looking to improve our skills and knowledge in the area of general sustainability and the built environment. We’ve found some training courses, useful video clips and other information that would be a great way to learn more, and put it together here for you to easily find.

Feel free to explore what’s here, if you know of any material that would be useful to have here for easy access do let us know.

We have partnered with the Green Building Institute to offer our own short courses

Click here to access our Green Moves Online Training courses


The Green Building Institute

The Green Building Institute is a not for profit organisation set up to provide online training for green building trades and professionals. It is compiling online courses in a variety of areas and provides flexible and accredited training.

Many of the courses we develop are available through the Green Building Institute website.

Go to the Green Building Institute website for online training

Cradle to Cradle (or Waste = Food)
This is a 50 minute documentary that is absolutely inspiring. Created by the founders of Cradle to Cradle, they are remaking the way we make things and changing the way ‘stuff’ is viewed. Summed up in 3 words, Waste equals Food talks about how waste is simply stupid, and how in nature something’s waste is food for something else. This is how we should be making things. It’s a must to watch and gives hope to those of us looking for a sustainable world.

Free Training Courses:
Courserea have several FREE training courses including Introduction to Sustainability. This is an 8 week web based course, go to and search Sustainability – you’ll find several free courses listed.

Learn about EarthShips
This is a short web seminar that tells you about how earthships are built.

Home Sustainability Program
Local program generally run by local councils. A series of 2-3 hour workshops assisting householders with saving energy and water, reducing waste and sustainable gardening.

Formal, Paid education from various providers around Australia
Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment
Certificate IV in Business Sustainability Assessment
Diploma of Sustainability
Diploma of Carbon Management
…. Others coming.

Through industry bodies
HIA – Green Smart Professional – 2 day Green Building training course
MBA – Green Living training course – 2 day accredited Green Building training course