Energy efficiency assessment

Find out how costly your home is to run

An energy efficiency assessment, also known as a Scorecard assessment, rates how much your home is likely to cost to run and how comfortable it is. You’ll also receive a Scorecard rating and tailored recommendations for improvements.

Green Moves are government-accredited assessors and can give you a Scorecard rating based on our assessment of your home. We provide recommendations to help you make informed decisions on upgrades and improvements so your home will be cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.

Green Moves Energy Efficiency Assessment
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What does a Scorecard Assessment cover

How Scorecard can help
Image Credit: Residential Efficiency Scorecard

The Scorecard assessment evaluates how efficient your building is with keeping cool and retaining warmth, as well as how efficient your key fixed appliances are in your home.

The assessment specifically appraises your home’s building shell, insulation, glazing, drafts, heating and cooling, hot water, lighting, pools and spas as well as any solar onsite.

If you want to know about anything else, like any other high-energy-using appliances, just ask us during your assessment when we’re onsite.

Why homeowners and tenants get an energy-efficient assessment

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  • High energy bills or your bill has recently increased
  • Wanting to get off gas and how to transition to all-electric
  • Wanting to reduce energy bills
  • Draughty home or rooms
  • Your home is very cold in the winter and/or very hot in the summer
  • As a rental provider, you want to upgrade your property to increase the rental or to ensure your tenants are comfortable and want to stay in the home
  • You’re considering selling your house and would like to use its energy efficiency rating in your marketing
  • You’re buying a home and want to find out what upgrades are needed to make it more efficient and comfortable
  • You want to reduce your home’s impact on the environment

How an energy efficiency assessment can help you

Green Moves assessor onsite
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Understanding how your home uses energy and how it handles the changing temperatures and weather conditions, empowers you to make informed decisions about how you can improve efficiency and comfort. The improvements you make will help you save money on your energy bills.

Who can get an energy efficiency assessment

Green Moves speaking with householder onsite
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  • Homeowners for the home they’re living in
  • Tenants for the home they’re renting
  • Landlords and rental providers for their investment property
  • Property management organisations for homes they manage
  • Renovators and those building a new home

If you’re renovating or building a new home, we can do Scorecard assessments off the plan. A simple assessment will maximise your benefit in comfort, energy efficiency and cost savings as well as the value of your home when you resell.

What will happen during the assessment

Green Moves Energy Efficiency Assessment internal
Image Credit: Residential Efficiency Scorecard
  1. Our Green Moves accredited Scorecard assessor will arrive at your home at the arranged time.
  2. Your assessor will discuss your goals with you so they can understand what you’d like to achieve
  3. They’ll ask you to sign the Scorecard Privacy Statement before they start the assessment
  4. Your assessor will thoroughly assess your home by collecting data on all your home’s fixed appliances and features and entering it into the government supported Scorecard tool. 
  5. Your assessor will need access to all areas of your home, including ceiling space if possible
  6. They will need to take photos in your home of specific items relevant to the assessment such as air conditioners, heaters, hot water systems and insulation.
  7. The findings will be reviewed with you at the end of the assessment. This is your opportunity to ask us any other questions you may have about energy efficiency and the sustainability of your home
  8. When the assessor leaves your home, they will research any outstanding details required such as star ratings for appliances, quality check the data, finalise the Scorecard rating and prepare the report with prioritised actions for your home
  9. Once you receive the report you can contact us again at any time with any further questions

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

Green Moves assessing the efficiency of a home
Image Credit: Residential Efficiency Scorecard
Assessing an average three-bedroom home costs approximately $450 (incl GST), a four bedroom home will cost approximately $495 (inc GST). The actual cost will depend on the home, with smaller homes costing less and larger, more complex assessments costing more. We offer a 10% discount to seniors and concession card holders. A Scorecard assessment typically takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours onsite, depending on the size of your home.

What will the Scorecard certificate give you

Scorecard Certificate
Image Credit: Residential Efficiency Scorecard
  • Your Scorecard certificate will show the energy efficiency star rating out of 10 stars for your home. The higher the stars, the lower your energy costs over a year
  • The comfort rating tells you how well your home performs in cold and hot weather without active heating or cooling
  • A star rating with and without solar power
  • Efficiency ratings for your key fixed appliances, like heating, cooling, and hot water system
  • What percentage of energy use in the home is attributable to heating, cooling, hot water, lighting and pools
  • Calculates the greenhouse gas emissions for your fixed appliances
  • Guidance on what improvements you can make
  • Our accompanying report also provides a prioritised list of actions for your home, what the impact of the recommended upgrades would be on your rating, and further information on ‘Doing it yourself’ or professional services that could assist. All this will be included in a report for your reference.

Why choose Green Moves

Choose to work with us to make your home more sustainable. You’ll not only be helping the environment but you’ll also save money on utility bills, create a more comfortable living space and increase the market value of your home.

Since 2009, our knowledgeable team have been helping people build and live in more comfortable and sustainable homes. We have more than 15 years of experience with fully qualified and accredited assessors on our team.

You’ll find a full range of sustainable home solutions from our list of services. From basic guidance to fully tailored solutions, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the best service.

We don’t sell products or take any fees or commissions from providers so you can trust that all the advice and recommendations you receive are completely independent. We pride ourselves on our easy-to-understand reports and practical advice that is also financially viable.

You’ll love how easy it is to deal with us. We believe in being honest and open and always strive to communicate clearly with you. You’ll always find our friendly team approachable and helpful.

Find out what people we’ve worked with say about us

We chose GreenMoves Australia to complete an Energy Efficiency
Scorecard after considering a number of local suppliers. The booking and assessment process was simple and prompt. We enjoyed having the assessor visit and complete the assessment. She engaged well, was very thorough, answered a lot of questions, and explained things extremely well. The report provided complete observations, advice, and general information. Despite being stunned by the positive outcome rating we will be undertaking the few recommended additional improvements. 

Thank you for the prompt provision of this service.

Kerry C & Cushla C

Cranbourne West, VIC

Thank you for an excellent report. The assessment confirmed many of my thoughts about what I can do to improve the energy efficiency of my home. The report has given me some great advice about how I can achieve great results. I’m surprised at the score my home was given, I thought it would be much lower. What surprised me even more is how efficient this home could be with the right renovations and additions. Your assessor was very thorough, explained what she was doing and gave me some simple things I could do to quickly and easily improve the efficiency of my home. On the day she answered all my questions and anything she was unsure about she addressed in her report.
I am pleased I approached your service to help me as you have given me the guidance I need to plan my renovations.

Marina N

Fawkner VIC

Danielle and Green Moves provided a full energy audit report and “Victorian Residential Energy Scorecard” for my apartment. Danielle was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly throughout the process. The report Danielle provided was much more thorough than I expected and prioritised energy efficiency improvements based on the savings versus the upfront cost. Given various improvements possible, this was highly valuable and took the guesswork out of where to direct improvements. Further, the report detailed expected electricity use given the apartment’s appliances and highlighted a large portion of ‘unidentified usage’ that was tracked down to a secondary water heater that I was not previously aware of – switching this off has halved my electricity usage!! 

I highly recommend Green Moves.

Dan B. Fitzroy


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