2013 The Heat Is On

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Well 2013 really was the record breaking year of all years to date. With 12 of the last 13 years resulting in record breaking temperatures globally and around Australia, and temperatures already around 0.7 degrees hotter.  This time last year the Bureau of Meteorology had to add another colour to the weather charts for Extreme weather.  You can read that article by clicking here. 

See the infographic on the amazing records broken during 2013 by clicking here.

We  need to look at adaptation strategies as well as ways to reduce emissions.  And we all need to do our bit, right now. So here’s a few ways you can contribute.  Hope you find this quick list helpful and if you’re already doing it, keep it up!

  • Buy less ‘stuff’ – if you don’t really need it, just don’t buy it.
  • Use less resources (energy, water etc) – again, best way to save is not to use it in the first place!
  • Walk, ride a bike or take public transport.
  • Make sure dishwashers and washing machines are full before running.
  • Eat more fruit and veg and less meat.
  • Use composting for organic waste and fertilizer.
  • Wear clothes more than once (that’s the cleanest dirty shirt!).
  • Be aware of what you are buying, check it is sustainably sourced.
  • Steer clear of chemicals in anything (food, furnishings, building materials).


  • On hot days shade your home externally, especially the windows.
  • Use a fan, they can make it feel 6 degrees cooler!
  • Use fans with air conditioners (and turn the aircon temperature setting up a bit to around 25 degrees)
  • Wear your lightest clothing.
  • Go to the beach or a pool.


  • On cold days let the sun into your home.
  • Make sure all drafts are sealed and vents closed (that includes a/c vents)
  • Drop the heater temperature down to about 18 degrees.
  • Wear warmer clothes, layering is good.
  • Only heat the zone of the home you are in.

There are many many more things we can do, but these are the easiest ones to start with.

By all pulling together we can make a difference.  We need to look after our world a lot better than we are.

Any suggestions? Feel free to add to this list anytime 🙂

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