Better Business Series

Green Business is Better Business

It’s becoming a well known fact, that green business is better business.  However many simply don’t know where to start.  So from February 2015 , we will be publishing a monthly blog on where to start and how to make your business more efficient and sustainable.

Over the year we’ll cover 11 things you can do to move your business into the ‘green business’ category.  Items will include:

  • Operational baselines
  • Energy efficiency – basics & more
  • Water efficiency
  • Waste minimisation
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Purchasing power
  • Social responsibility
  • Healthy interiors
  • Transport
  • Monitoring and GHG

We are sure you’ll find the information useful and would be happy for any questions or feedback on topics to include in the future.

Contact us about any business issues you’d like covered


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