Earth Hour 2017


Earth Hour is on 25th March, 8:30pm to 9:30pm is a great time to do something to show support for your environment by simply switching your lights off for an hour.  If you’re looking for some more interesting ideas here are some things to consider to add a bit of ‘fun’

The Earth Hour website has loads of great ideas for businesses, kids and schools. Go to the Earth Hour website here. 

Remember to register and plan your event

Spend your evening watching a great environmental video/movie.  Such as such as Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent movie on climate change ‘Before the Flood‘ or ‘Waste = Food‘, an inspiring documentary from Cradle to Cradle founders.  You’ll find a link to this on our training resources page.

Have a ‘sustainable BBQ’ – use home grown or organic produce and drink carbon neutral beer (yes there is such a thing) and some eco friendly wine!

Make up a Trivia night on environmental issues

Try candle light Yoga and Meditation

Go for a night walk and check out the stars

Have a candle lit dinnerGlowParty

Make ‘candle roasted’ marshmallows (yum)

Play hide and seek with the kids

Have some fun with glow sticks (dance party is always fun with these in the dark)

Make shadow puppets in the moonlight

Tell an interesting story about your past that nobody knows

Art in the Dark (make florescent images or use candles)

Make a resolution to do more for the environment and protect our future.


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