Energy saving pool tips

Swimming in efficient pools

It’s coming into summer and long hot days need a clean cool pool!  With constantly increasing energy and water costs have you checked the efficiency of your pool lately? Here’s some energy saving pool tips which should help to reduce the running costs.

Firstly be smart with your water all the time.  When the kids are swimming discourage lots of splashing, diving and bombing as it quickly drains water.  If you have a rain water tank, use that to top up the pool.  If you don’t have a rain water tank consider getting one. You’ll save on your water bills.

Got a pool cover?  If so use it.  Regular use of a cover can keep your pool clean and cut evaporation by over 90%.  For pools that are in the sun, a cover will help to keep the temperature 6-8% higher, which will extend your swimming season.  If you don’t have a pool cover or it’s just too much hassle, there are liquid covers available from some hardware stores, though these are not as effective.

Clean your filter baskets at least weekly and check chemical levels regularly.  Consider a timer on your pool filter.  If you have off peak power charges consider running the filter during the off peak times. If you do this consider your neighbors and the noise of the filter running late at night as most residential councils have noise regulations.  Run the filter only for the time you need to maintain the pool. Many filtration systems are run longer than necessary resulting in excessive wear and higher energy bills. If you are replacing your filter system get the most suitable size (don’t oversize) and go for the most energy efficient and quietest model you can find.

If you heat your pool choose energy efficient solar every time. It’s very effective and although the up front cost is sometimes a barrier, it would quickly justify itself given the rising energy costs.

If you are putting in a new pool consider a natural pool.  With proper planning and implementation natural pools are a great asset.  There is no filter, no chemicals, very low running costs and you can make it look like a beautiful natural lagoon in your back garden.  There are a few natural pool specialists around but they do amazing things with pools and gardens, and no chemicals.Pool efficiency ebook

There’s also a free pool efficiency eBook available from Energy Australia, click here to download it.  

Finally if you want to remove an existing pool, deck over the top and use it as a water tank instead. There is always a way to re-use something, even a pool!


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