Holiday Switch OFF

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We all love a good holiday and a well earned break, especially around the end of the year. But how many of you have come home to find a larger than expected energy bill waiting for you? Well no more! We heard about this sort of thing happening so set up the Holiday Switch OFF Checklist, to help everyone to save energy while on holidays (Christmas or otherwise).

Its our 2 page list of appliances (including a quick home security check) of things you can turn off, just before you go away for a week or more. So if you want to stop wasting energy while away, and keep your energy bill in check, just print off the checklist at the link below (or from our Resources, Checklists and Tips web page).

Then simply take it around the home room by room and check off the list as you go. Add more to it if you want, cross out those things that aren’t applicable to you and make it your own, personal list. There’s a check-box for putting it all back on when you return as well!

We’re sure you’ll find it a useful resource. Feel free to pass it onto anyone you thing could use it. And Happy Holidays!

Click here to download the Holiday Switch OFF Checklist now.

Oh yes – and if we’ve missed anything that should be on there, let us know. We value any feedback and look forward to your comments.

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