Managing office waste

Ecobins for recycling

Waste management in offices and commercial buildings seems to be quite a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. There are programs and tools out there to help reduce and manage waste in offices. Take a look at the best ones!

NABERS waste audits

NABERS waste can help you manage waste at a building level and measure your progress. The new Material Recovery Score has recently been released (November 2019). You can see all the details on the recording.

NABERS Waste Tool – Explainer video

CitySwitch Green Office

CitySwitch is a commercial office sustainability program for businesses operating out of a commercial office.

Its free to join and provides high level waste tools to help you baseline your waste, has behaviour change programs to help you educate your team and can give you discounts for NABERS ratings.

Remember to recycle
Recycle Right

Waste Challenge – can you get to 10 waste separation streams? Here are some things you should be able to easily recycle in the office.

  1. Co-mingled recycling – paper, plastic bottles, etc
  2. Organic waste
  3. Soft plastics (take to supermarket recycling point)
  4. Coffee pods (Nespresso coffee recycling points locally)
  5. Batteries
  6. Secure paper destruction and recycling
  7. E-waste – phones, TV’s, electronic devices
  8. Printer toners
  9. Bread tags recycled for wheelchairs
  10. Landfill

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