New site for Green Moves

You like it? Welcome to our new look website. Clean and easy to navigate. We’ve ramped up our Resources section to include some free training and educational items we’ve found to help you build on your knowledge of ‘green’ in the property sector.

Our property listings have expanded to include New Zealand properties where there’s a great new concept Eco Village called Atami being built where the community owns the common space (including the orchard). Must go see that soon! And of course our other high quality sustainable properties are improving with icons to show you at a glance what the property has onsite and any independent gradings or awards won.

If you’re looking specifically for a Green Star rated building or highly Nabers rated commercial building, you can search them independently. We’ve only recently added this feature so we’re now on a mission to let developers and landlords know we’re promoting these. Do get in touch if you think you can help, any assistance is much appreciated! All the best from Danie.resources_thum

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