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Ecobins for recycling

Minimising waste can save money, reduce waste to landfill and help to reduce the carbon footprint of a business. For those in a standard office environment waste reduction strategies can be relatively easy to implement, its getting everyone on board and to use the bins properly that’s the challenge. In other business environments waste removal can be a significant cost, and may not be so simple to manage.

Here are some basic things that can easily be done:

  • Check you have local council co-mingled recycling available (often free of charge as included in the local rates)
  • Install consistent ‘look and colour’ coded bins at key points throughout the office space (kitchen, printer area, end of desk rows). The ones pictured are from Ecobins, but there are many different types available
  • Ensure there is clear signage as to what goes in which bin
  • Run an education program for office staff and cleaners
  • Donate any old working equipment to someone who needs it
  • Ensure any eWaste is regularly collected and recycled.
  • If you make products, also …

  • Review your processes to identify ways to minimise waste (often called a process audit)
  • Look for ways to re-use your waste onsite
  • If you’re in Melbourne, join ASPIRE – the ‘eHarmony’ of waste to find someone who might want your waste as input to their processes. Click here to find out more about ASPIRE.
  • Waste recycling

    The best options for you will depend on your business, but there are always ways to be better.  If you want to measure your baselines and improvement over time, a simple visual assessment could be done on a regular basis noting volume in bins etc on a spreadsheet and encouraging waste minimisation practices.  

    For those who want a ‘proper’ measurement and monitoring process, a NABERS waste assessment is thorough and a recognised method of measuring and managing waste. You can find out more about NABERS waste assessments by clicking here.

    Remember to recycle
    We include a high level waste assessment as part of our general energy assessment, and also have a NABERS assessor in our team. Let us know if you would like some help in this area.

    Contact us if you’d like to know more about minimising waste for your business


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