Sustainable House Day 2013


This Sunday, 8th September is Sustainable House Day. It’s a fantastic opportunity to go and see what others have done to their homes to make them more energy efficient and sustainable. Many have included simple things like shading, changing over lights and insulating well. Whilst others have done major work such as installed Solar Hot Water or Solar PV renewable energy.

It’s worth noting that not all homes open on the day are new, or have been specifically designed in line with the ‘Passive Solar’ or ‘Passive Haus’ methodology. Most are your average suburban home that have been retrofitted over the years and offer excellent examples of what can be done.

So if you’re after ideas on how to make your home more efficient and sustainable, this is a great chance to ask the questions and find out what worked, what didn’t, was it cost effective and all those other things only impartial experience can offer.

To find the homes that are open near you see the Sustainable House Day website by clicking the link here Link to Sustainable House Day website.

We hope you’ll attend and take advantage of seeing other homes that are cost efficient, comfortable and sustainable to live in.

If you want to know more about what specific changes would make a difference to your home, we can assist with one of our assessment reports or even a simple verbal consultation. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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