Water Wise

Our most precious resource, water.

For years now rainfall across Australia has been well below average which is impacting livelihoods and the underground water table.   On top of this there have also been long term droughts and over the past few years we have seen water restrictions come into force, towns literally run out of water and prices increase.

Its important that we remember…

  • Water is a critical and limited resource – no water no life its as simple as that.  
  • Significant droughts are becomming more frequent,
  • Water shortages are occuring regularly and becoming the norm,
  • Water is often wasted and undervalued,
  • Costs are increasing – water prices have gone up over 300% in the past 10 years, and
  • Population increasing putting even more demand on a water supply that is decreasing.

Water efficiency is crucial to maintaining supply.  A litre saved by more efficient water use is equivalent to a litre of new water, supplied by a dam, rain water tank, greywater diversion or black water recycling system.

It takes a lot of energy, chemicals and materials to treat water for reusing and recycling.  Reduction is much cheaper and more efficient. So lets focus on being as water efficient as possible, and reusing what we can.

Here’s how. Watch the webinar recording below and check out our tips below.

Water efficient by design – webinar – 35mins

Image from South East Water

Water efficiency at home

Most water in the home is used in the shower, toilet and garden.

Build in water efficiency by using highly water efficient taps, showers, and appliances. Be aware of your habits, use water efficiently in the home and fix leaks quickly.

Include a rain water tank to collect and reuse water

See our tip sheet here for more info

Water efficiency at work

How you use and save water will depend on the type of business you work in. Generally the following items can be applied across almost any business to save water.

  • Install low flow taps and showers
  • Install dual flush toilets that are water efficient and consider waterless urinal systems
  • Purchase (or replace at end of life) appliances that are highly water and energy efficient
  • Run dishwashers when full
  • Fix any leaks quickly
  • Mulch any garden areas to reduce water loss
  • Educate your team
  • Utilise any potential for rain water collection and reuse
  • Monitor and measure water use regularly

Our Water Awareness Award

Thanks to Bushman Tanks for our H20 Hero Award in recognition of our water saving resources and advocacy.

H2O Hero: Gold Water-Saving Award