Green is worth more

23 March 2013

In case you missed it at the Green Cities Conference, the World Green Building Council have released a report that shows that Green Buildings are indeed worth more. Here in Australia a highly rated NABERS building (4.5 Stars or higher) is obtaining up to 9% higher market prices, where Green Star Rated Buildings are attracting up to 16% premium.

Meanwhile, in the USA Green Homes are apparently selling 25% faster and some are attracting a 10% price premium. In the UK there is no demonstrable premium but green homes are thought to be selling faster than those that aren’t. Research is pending on this one!

In Australia, green homes are attracting a 3-5% market premium for each star rating above it’s competitor. The ACT has required residential energy efficiency disclosure reporting (Residential Mandatory Disclosure) for over 10 years. When will the other States and Territories catch up?