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Sustainable House Day 2015

So you’re thinking about making changes to your home and ideally you want them to be as sustainable and energy efficient as possible? Trouble is you don’t know where to start or who to trust.

Research is of course a must when you are looking to make a significant investment or undertake changes in your home and lifestyle. Like all research using a variety of sources is best – there’s Google (of course), suppliers (a tad biased), sustainability experts (search your local community groups and associations such as the ATA) and independent sustainability operators (like us here at Green Moves).

But probably the most valuable advice you will receive is from those who have been and there done that. Because lets face it – practical experience counts.  A LOT.

An event like Sustainable House Day, which on Sunday 13 September will proudly feature some of Australia’s best “Green Bling”, and is an invaluable source of free information.
This national event provides the opportunity for those who have already implemented sustainable features in to their homes and everyday lifestyle to show their homes and what they have done. You can speak directly with the homeowner to find out what worked, what didn’t and what products and materials they used. In many cases sustainability experts will also be on hand to provide some free expert advice.

energyfreedom-houseEvery state and territory participates and will showcase a variety of property scenarios with various sustainable features that will surely fullfil your search for answers.  There’s energy efficient homes that have all been created with the ideal of minimising their power consumption and bills such as this suburban Queensland home that is totally off grid, and an Essendon home (pictured) that has reduced its gross energy and water consumption by 75%.


There’s renovated properties such as a 1930s inner Sydney home that has been upgraded with double glazing, a solar PV system, recycled building materials, passive solar design and more.  Homes built with a variety of sustainable materials such as strawbale, mudbrick, rammed earth, and hemp plus homes that have all the technical sustainable features like this home certified to the International Passivhaus standard (pictured ).

And some beautiful architectural homes where you can bend the ear of the actual architect and homes at the other end with some unique DIY features such as at Alan’s house.


Whatever your question Sustainable House Day will provide you with some answers so book the date into your diary and spend it looking at some sustainable homes in your area. Once you are ready to move forward with your plans, we can provide you with a valuable independent plan review to ensure you will receive the best outcome, making your home more comfortable and cost effective, as well as giving you a great positive marketing point when you decide to sell.
If you already have the answers to home sustainability and have created a healthy and energy efficient home, consider opening your home for Sustainable House Day 2015. Register your details here.

Thanks to Jodi North for the content for this article. Sustainable House Day 2015

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